Creativity is a skill which can be learned. It’s not a gift that a person just has or hasn’t, but something that can be practiced and fostered in a child grows.

Creativity is the skill of coming up with new ideas, and then putting them into reality: creating something that didn’t exist before.

Incorporating a self-confident mindset is important when growing creativity: everyone has the ability to become more creative. It just requires some knowledge and willingness to learn and try new things. This site helps on this journey.

Creativity opens new doors at every part in life: playing, hobbies, sports, housework, learning, and at work. It helps when resources are scarce (e.g. no toys to play with) or new problems are faced (a broken toy). Since creativity cannot be automated, it’s quickly becoming an essential skill of the future job markets.

On this website, I collect tips, ideas and resources on how to grow creativity especially in children, based on scientific studies, ideas by others and my own experiences as a parent of two.

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